mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Dream about Trump

On Tuesday the 8th I went to bed happy in the knowledge that Hilary Clinton was probably going to win the election and be the next US president. My preference would have been Hilary Clinton, for lots of reasons, and it seemed to be going her way. I had also seen the Nigerian prophet guy, TB Joshua say that he'd seen Hilary win the election, which was reassuring.

So I went to bed and turned off the Ipad, deciding not to look until the morning.

During the night I had a dream that I was some place and wondering what had happened in the election over night, when Donald Trump came into the room. So I asked him what had happened. He looked surprised and genuinely humbled by what had happened, and told me that he had won. I said "congratulations man" and shook his big firm hand. I told him that I had been going to pray for the other one if she got in, but since he had got in I would pray for him.

Then I asked him what he was going to do in the first 100 days he was in charge. He kind of shook his head as if to say that he wasn't sure, and mentioned some laws that as a non American I didn't really know too much about and he said "well, we need to give people back some freedoms".

Then he asked me for my email address to keep in touch and we exchanged emails before the dream ended.

So when I woke up I went down stairs to check who had won, expecting Hilary Clinton to have been confirmed as the winner, and saw the headline that Trump had won. That was weird. Then I saw his speech and I saw Trump looking quite touched and humbled in a way we hadn't seen before, and making conciliatory noises in his speech, which was just like he had been in the dream.

No-one really knows what he is going to do, and probably neither does he. But we need to pray for this guy, and that his time brings good things to the world, and not destructive. He is going to need help.

jeudi 3 novembre 2016

Brexit Rant

Look, I realise that the majority of my British readers will get offended by this, but you know what? Too bad. And you British surely know how to express yourselves to your European friends and partners.

Yes we know. "England fans" - went to France in 2016 had street fights with Russians and sang "F*** off Europe, we're voting OUT". So we do get the message because that's what 52% of you actually voted for. In your arrogance as a nation, you didn't want any foreigner telling you what to do, or too many foreigners living in your country.  "F*** off Europe, we're voting OUT!"

Just for your information, up until now Europeans have regarded the UK with a great deal of admiration and warmth. You know we are actually liked and appreciated on the continent.

But now, you have voted to get rid of European immigrants.

Congratulations, at a stroke you have made every immigrant feel unwelcome. The UK government has even talked openly about drawing up a list of every foreign European worker in the country. Europeans are being called "bargaining chips" by the Prime Minister. Well, because that's the sort of country Britain has become: racist, nasty, small minded.  The UK government's policy on Europe is now identical to the foreign policy of the French National Front, just for some comparison BTW.

Now of course there are some exceptions. London voted to open its doors to Europeans, as did Scotland and Northern Ireland. London and Scotland knows what a wonderful thing it is to live is a diverse and open society. London realises that immigrants bring great things to us economically and culturally, but above all we actually like immigrants as people.  They are our neighbours, our friends. I am a Londoner too.

I am also an immigrant to the UK. Not a European one, but an immigrant all the same. But I am also a British immigrant to Europe where I live. And Europe has always opened it doors and heart to me. I, like the Polish and other Europeans living in the UK, heard the message. It couldn't be clearer.

Sooooo after the 23rd June it is now open season on Europeans. Yes this has validated the xenophobic racists who now feel its okay to go beat up and even kill European immigrants. If you aren't British you should know that hate crimes against Europeans has peaked to new levels since the referendum. In one town of the UK Polish police have had to be sent to patrol the streets to reassure it's Polish population. I mean what have the Polish ever done to deserve this?
British hatred of Polish people

Recently, French and Spanish residents in the UK have reported via their Embassy that they have experienced hostility and insults from some British people.

So Britain what sort of country are you? You had better decide. Are you a nasty small minded anti European nation? Or are you a grown up civilised country that plays its part in the global world community with others, resisting internal forces of darkness and xenophobia?

I'm sure some of you will think that there were valid arguments for coming out of the EU and this decision was not necessarily xenophobic or anti immigrant. Sure. There are arguments for being outside the EU. Not very convincing ones, but there are some. If you are genuinely one of these, then you will join me in lamenting what has started to happen in Britain won't you. You will be appalled at where things are headed, and you will not feel that you "got your country back" but that the racists have taken over.

lundi 17 octobre 2016

Huston, we have a problem with the...prophetic

So have you heard the latest? Yes, apparently Donald Trump has been anointed by God to be the next president of the United States. You see God is using him like He used Cyrus to purify the nation and bring it back to God. Oh yes, you heard correctly. That would be the same Donald Trump you see on your TV screen. And in case you had any doubts about it, a group of pastors have attested that he has dedicated his life to Christ and his heart has changed. Of course fruit might be hard to find in a man like Trump but lets not ask too many hard questions.

So where did I hear this? From so called reputable sources. People that usually I listen to and take seriously. Unfortunately this time I am left gagging with disbelief. You see its not just that someone has thought that they heard God say, this. One can err obviously. But no you see there is this one seer/prophet who literally stood int he Counsel of God and heard God tell him this with his own ears:

Check it out.

Did you hear that? He was "caught up in the Spirit".

I'm confused. I mean, it wasn't that long ago that Nigerian Prophet TD Jakes prophesied that Hilary would be the next President. Or maybe its God who is confused! I mean, is it Trump or is it Hilary? Come on God - make up your mind!

On another website I see someone purporting to be a prophet who said with such certainty that God had spoken to her about Obama and that one thing He said to her was:

"I did not appoint Obama. Obama is a double tongued devil".

I mean come on! Does God  even talk about people like that? But I bet she does!

But this has really caused me to doubt the prophetic. I mean come on! God is NOT anointing Trump to be the next president of the USA. Get real.

This leaves me with the distinct impression that there are ministries and "prophetic voices" out there that are either -

1) Lying and making things up  - "I was stood in the Counsel of God and I heard this voice...."

2) Are literally deceived and do not know it.

If there is that much self deception, and lack of integrity out there under the name of prophetic ministry who can you trust in the end? How can you trust anyone?

Either way I do not want to trust these people. In fact ANYONE who has a political prophecy about Trump now is OFF the list. What that means for these peoples' credibility when Trump is not elected president is going to be worth watching.

Will they apologise? Will they admit that they got it wrong or will they retract the word (going to be hard to do when its out there on You Tube). Will they say that the devil thwarted God's purpose? How will they manipulate and twist the truth to ensure that they come out on top?

The whole - "I heard God say thing" - is kind of tainted with uncertainty. Yes you can hear God and get it right. But equally you see and you hear in part. You also miss it, and you have to be humble about it.

Most of these people aren't reading people's mail. Their prophetic gifting is just not that accurate. If it isn't, how much confidence can you have that any of them are really hearing God. Just sayin'.

90% of the prophetic you see and hear out there on line is junk. Thats the truth, pure and simple. Unless it comes with words of knowledge or a strong inner witness don't believe it, especially the fear merchants.

I did a trawl of Brexit prophecies. Interesting - hardly anyone predicted Brexit. I say hardly because one person claims to have back in 2008. But that hasn't stopped the christian looney mainstream from declaring that Brexit was God's will and it has freed the UK from being shackled to the "evil" of the EU, which by the way is somehow the beast in the book of revelation.

Oh yay God. Why are christians so weird?!

dimanche 28 décembre 2014

The tithe

The Tithe. In France when the media report on a secte (i.e. a cult) they talk about members being obliged to give 10% of their money to the cult, and I have always felt slightly uncomfortable with this. Its not quite like that I would say, as I know that most of our churches are regarded with the same suspicion as une secte (because it isn't Catholic). It isn't quite like that, but actually I have a hard time explaining how it is actually, because in fact the way this has been taught by the church in the UK is like that.

I have to go back to the UK to the church we were in back in the late 90s and early 2000s to get the message taught in its purest form and the message I heard on tithing goes like this:

1) The tithe is 10% of your income before taxation and it belongs to God.

2) Because it belongs to God it is stealing to withhold the tithe, and He will literally curse you financially if you do so.

3) Your giving doesn't even begin until you have paid your tithe, and the tithe has to be paid to the local church where you are "fed".

4) Don't think that the tithe is a matter of the Old Covernant.No it was started before the Old Covernant when Abraham tithed to Melchizadek long before the law.

5) Don't think that it doesn't apply to the New Testament because Jesus commended the Pharisees for tithing on mint, dill and thyme. It was the ony thing he did commend them for so we should be tithing....

6) The benefits of paying the tithe are that it protects you from loss, but the offering you make above the tithe is what gives you increase. You don't start giving or increasing until you exceed the tithe.

Okay, so for years I have willingly tithed, but in part because I believed that not doing so would be stealing from God, that were I to withhold any of it I would be cursed by God financially, and that this was an obligation/expectation of church membership.

It never occurred to me to ask whether the early church practiced tithing, I assumed that they had as a matter of course....that is until about a week ago. This all kicked off when I read the blog by theologian and writer Jonathon Welton. Jonathon is a credible voice: he gets the kingdom, he gets grace, is a properly informed theologian, and he is also a seer.

Here is his blog:

So lets start with some facts:

1) The early church did not practice the tithe. Sorry, yes you heard correctly. You can go through all of Pauls' citations on money of which there are a quite a few and the one thing that is blatantly, startingly, and outstandingly missing is a message on the need to tithe. He talks about offerings, he talks about support to his and other ministries, but at no point does he mention the tithe.

2) Tithing did not actually come into church practice until the 6th century. Yes, you heard correctly. It was in 585 at the Synod of Mâçon that the notion of obligatory tithing was introduced to the church for the first time, to ensure that the state church got enough money to function. Later the church threatened to excommunicate anyone who didn't tithe. (If you doubt this do your own research).

3) Paul only ever spoke about freewill offerings to support the ministry, and meet needs within their own community.

4) Paul put the emphasis on not giving "under compulsion" but each giving what they have decided in their heart to give, because "God loves a cheerful giver".

5) New testament levels of giving are pretty generous and included people selling land or fields to finance offerings.

So...I have a problem with what I have been taught. My problem is this - even though I have given willingly, it was in part because I felt morally blackmailed into doing so. I mean who wouldn't give if they believed God would send the destroyer on your crops, right?! There has always been a strong element of compulsion in the way tithing has been taught, and compulsion is contrary to the principle Paul preaches. It actually robs you of giving from your heart and according to your own faith. I wonder how much blessing you receive anyway if you give out of law rather than love and faith? How much freedom is involved in this? Is money given under compulsion good fruit or bad?

I can't see where this fits with grace anymore.

So what am I left with?

1) I believe that in the NT 100% of what I own belongs to God, not just 10%, and I am free to give any percentage of it away.

2) Generosity is a core value of the kingdom and that very might well mean more than 10% of my income. I will be blessed in proportion to my generosity as Jesus said "by your measure it will be measured to you". How does God measure your generosity?

3) I do have an obligation to support ministries, especially the local church where I am fed, and I should do this generously. But I am not obliged to give the bulk of my giving to the local church, I can give it anywhere, although it may still be my first priority.
4) The law of sowing and reaping is a key principle, but it applies to all of what you give not just what comes after the first 10%.

5) Under this teaching the vast majority of the giving from christians is used to pay the needs of the ministry of church, paying for the building and leader's salaries. Giving in the new testament was for both the ministry and meeting the needs of the body of Christ. The practice of - for example -young couples with young families on very tight budgets paying a 10th of their gross income to support the local church and consequently struggling to pay the mortgage, make ends meet without any support back from the church is in my view a deviation  from the practice of the early church. The offering in the early church was both for the ministry and the needs of the saints. Don't we need to revisit the balance of this whole issue?

I am not going to rehearse all the arguments for and against the tithe here with biblical citations. I am assuming that most readers are biblically literate. But lets just deal with that one verse where Jesus commended the Pharisees for tithing - he said this whilst the law of Moses was still in force, and the temple with its levitical priesthood and regulations. Of course he commended them for this. But this all came to a grinding end in AD 70, and was abolished forever. If tithing is for the new coverant then why didn't the early church teach this?

Any close look at tithing shows a number of inconsistencies with the notion that is taught above. For example, the tithe was only payable on grown produce, it wasn't payable on money made from trade or business. Go figure that one. There were several tithes, only one was to the levitical priesthood, one was for your own family, one was for the poor, so which one are we supposed to practice? Go figure.

If we are going to belive in grace we need to revisit the tithe, and find the right way to support ministry and the needs of the saints through generocity and freewill offerings. One thing I do know is that I am free in respect to giving, that generocity is a core value of this kingdom and sowing and reaping is a core principle.




mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Christmas thoughts..

Seasonal greetings to the world. One of the upsides of skin cancer operations is being able to write some stuff and wow it is Christmas. Frankly this year it couldn't come fast enough. I got the sense that people hastened for that Christmas spirit this year, even here in France where Christmas doesn't assume the same mega proportions as it does in the UK, or maybe some other countries. You know why? I think it has something to do with just how depressing the world is right now.

I want to spend a good few weeks enjoying the counter spirit of Christmas, which is about all celebration what is right in this world. I want to celebrate Christmas with enjoyment, fun, and pleasure with people I love and care for. I want the magic of carols, a Christmas tree, mulled wine, and good food. I want to enjoy family, celebrate the God of love, and the source of love. And I want to celebrate this in the face ISIS or Daesh. I want to say, yes I know that Daesh are rounding up christians, and other minorities, beheading innocents,  raping women and selling girls into slavery. Even though there is a rise of islamism in the world imposing sharia law on people, banning music, imposing rules on everyone especially women, stoning people to death, executing people who listen to radio or whatever arbitary evil they have decided to ban. Even this week we have seen another crazy IS inspired criminal who hijacked a cafe in Australia, followed closely by news of a Taliban attack on a school killing 134 school kids in their crazed struggle to prevent education and thinking. I haven't even mentioned the crises in Ukraine, government cuts, the economic crises or Ebola, or another murderous cycle of war in Palestine. But I am still going to celebrate good news, in fact the best news - that God did not leave this world abandoned. He loves us and is with us.

"For God so loved the world that He gave....His one and only Son, that all who believe in him might not perish but have life"

God so loved the world that He gave...Jesus to the world, Jesus to be crucified so we could go free, so we could know the Father again. God is love. This is what the world is lacking right now. Islamism is religion without love. God so loved the world that He gave. Whatever motivates these people it isn't love, and somehow the greatest weapon we have against darkness is love, goodness and light often carried out by ordinary people in seemingly insignificant acts of kindness day to day.

This Chrismas I am going to hug my kids a little closer for a little longer, before I release them again into the world.

I am declaring my own jihad against this god of Radical Islam, I am going to love people more boldly, and that of course that absolutely includes people of Islamic faith.

Happy Christmas

vendredi 16 août 2013


ATTENTION ! C'est un Warning. Vos idées peuvent être dangereuses, en particulier les idées que vous avez par vous même, et surtout celles qui ne vous sont pas inspirée par quelqu'un d'autre. Beaucoup de personnes ont ruinée leur vies car ils ont eut “une idée”.

Si vous avez des pensées - surtout et n'importe quoi- cette dangereuse indépendante tendance doit être mise sous la soumission de quelqu'un en autorité pour voir si vous pouvez être autorise a garder cette idée, ou même dupliquer cette activité de “réfléchir et de penser pour vous même”.

Souvenez vous, si Dieu voulait que vous pensiez pour vous même, il vous auriez donner un cerveau propre, et non pas une place dans une communauté ou quelqu'un fait tout le raisonnement pour vous.

Si vous avez des doutes suivez la foule. Toute les autres personnes ne peuvent pas se tromper.

Toute les sociétés ont démarré car quelqu'un a eu une pensée. Tous les mouvements de liberté ont tous démarré parce que quelqu'un a pensée différemment.

Tous les changements dans le monde sont arrives parce que quelqu'un a eu une vision de quelque chose de nouveau. Tous les améliorations sont venues parce que quelqu'un a innové. Prenez l’exemple de Martin Luther King. “Si vous osiez penser différemment, cela vous démarquera, et vous ne serez plus jamais pris en considération”.

 Vous pensez réellement que vous pouvez changer les choses? Ou inventer quelque chose complétement différent? Peut être écrire un livre qui n'a jamais était écrit, ou une chanson jamais encore chanté? Cela pourrai casser la routine et vous pourriez rêver encore.  Donc ne pensez pas. Vous ne savez pas dans quelle aventure dangereuse cela pourrait vous conduire. 

lundi 5 août 2013

Notre être tri-dimensionnel

Comme Kenneth Hagin avait l'habitude de le dire-  « je suis un esprit, j'ai une âme qui vit dans un corps». Une autre façon de décrire cela est de dire qu' on est tri-dimensionnel. Dieu a fait les trois dimensions et les a sauves les trois.

Quand nous sommes nés de nouveau , c'est notre esprit qui est née de nouveau. Mais nous avons aussi une âme (un cerveau et des émotions) dans un corps.

Paul nous parle d'avoir « un cœur nouveau » ou que notre cœur soit « fait parfait ». En hébreu l’écrivain dit que nous sommes devenu des « généraux de l’assemblée et l’église des premiers nés de ceux qui résident aux ciel, en Dieu , le juge de tous, et l'esprit des hommes droit qui sont fait parfait .

Dans d'autre mots, le nouveau cœur que Dieu a mis a l’intérieur de nous , nous a déjà rendu parfait. Cela signifie que nos cœurs ne seront pas changé en allant au ciel . Mais nos âmes et nos corps le seront .

Nous sommes essentiellement un esprit. Notre esprit est aussi connu comme étant notre cœur. Nous pouvons ressentir les choses dans notre esprit, nous pouvons voir les choses dans nos esprits, et nous pouvons entendre des choses dans notre esprit. Certaines personnes peuvent même toucher et sentir avec leurs esprits. Les deux dernières choses , je ne l'ai ait pas personnellement expérimente mais j'ai expérimenté les trois première .

Notre esprit est là ou notre foi est basée. Quand tu « connais » ou « sais » quelque chose, cela est dans votre esprit. Je parle ici de « savoir » - quand vous savez que vous savez. Cette sorte de savoir peu être une forte conviction qui contredit complètement ce que vous savez intellectuellement ou ce que vous voyez dans le naturel - mais tu sait! C'est la connaissance que les chrétiens ont quand ils sont sauvés et rencontre le ciel. Cela s’appelle la foi, cette activité prend place dans notre esprit qui est née de nouveau, et c'est dans nos esprits où on ressent cette conviction.

Ok, trop bon trop long. La vie chrétienne a été traditionnellement toujours a propos de répondre aux besoins spirituel des gens. Cependant nous ne sommes pas seulement des esprits. Nous avons des besoins dans deux autres aires de notre être. Notre âme et notre corps. Le problème dans nos églises est que nous souvent ignorons ces deux autres aires.

Notre esprit a des besoins qui impliquent l’intimité avec Dieu le Père, le temps dans la parole de Dieu, le temps dans la présence de Dieu, du temps dans la louange et l'adoration, la crucifixion de notre nature pécheresse, et le Saint Esprit lui même. Paul parle de la parole qui nous nourrit, le lait et la nourriture solide. C'est un besoin spirituel sans lequel nous ne pouvons pas grandir spirituellement.

Nous sommes des êtres émotionnels. Les besoin de l’âme sont – l’amitié, l'affirmation, l'amour, l'encouragement, la reconnaissance, l’appréciation, l'expression personnelle, être mis en valeur, l’épanouissement des nos dons, l'estime de soi même, une mentalité saine, la liberté d’être soi même et l'affectionne et la touche humaine.

Nous avons un corps. Le corps a des besoins – la nourriture, l'eau, la chaleur, le refuge, l'activité, et le sexe (incluant aussi l’âme).

Je voudrais vous suggérai aussi que toutes les approches qui ne s’intéressent qu'a un seul aspect de la personne négligent la personne entière. Je souligne que même si des fois les gens quittent les églises car leurs besoins spirituels ne sont pas rencontré, le plus souvent c'est parce que les autres besoins ne sont pas combles - les besoins de l’âme.

Dieu traite la personne entière- il nous sauve de nos péchés, nous donne le salut et son esprit, il guérit nos corps, ils guérit nos émotions (âme). Il nous enseigne de changer nos mentalités (âme), nous disons aussi que que Dieu place les gens seul en famille ou encore les orphelins en famille (âme). Dieu a crée la femme parce qu'il ne voulait pas que l'homme soit seul, et la solitude n’était pas bon (âme). Dieu a crée le mariage pour promouvoir l’épanouissement de l'aspect émotionnel et sexuel de l’être (corps et âme). Dieu est concerné par notre épanouissement personnel complet. Il sauve l’être entier pas seulement une seule partie de notre être.

La plupart des problèmes qui arrivent dans la vie qui nous empêchent d’être comme Christ, viennent de l' âme. En d'autre terme, les mauvaises systèmes de pensées nous mènent à être ouvert et entretenir des blessures émotionnelles (des fois des traumatismes) qui bloque la vie a l’intérieur de nous. Ils peuvent endommager aussi nos relations. Les gens qui sont blesses construisent des défenses pour les protéger dans le futur. Ces défenses peuvent mener à la dysfonction.

Une des choses les plus tristes dans le monde est quand deux chrétiens qui aiment Dieu, et qui sont soumis a Dieu et à l’église finissent par divorcer. Quelques uns des hommes le plus oints de Dieu ont finie par divorcer (Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, Larry Lea). Qu'est ce qui cloche?

Des fois vous entendez que dans les couples chrétiens, l'une des deux parties n'avait pas ces besoins combles et décidait donc d’abandonner. Si vous n'avait pas vos besoins comblées d'une manière saine, alors vous les rencontrerai d'une manière malsaine. La solution est d'enseigner les gens à avoir leurs besoins comblées de façon saine.

Une âme blessée peu interférer dans la façon de voir et de communiquer avec Dieu comme avec les autres personnes. Cela touche des choses fondamentales comme habilitée de faire confiance aux autres, de relâcher le contrôle sur les circonstances et sur les autres, la façon de gérer la réciprocité et l'honneur, pour communiquer, l’honnêteté.

La plupart des parents que j'ai rencontre en tant que assistant social disent qu'ils aiment leur enfants. Mais ils sont le plus souvent incapables de leur donner où montrer quelque choses de bon car ils ont expérimenté eux même dans leurs vies des traumatismes et des blessures. Il était devenue trop difficile pour eux de donner de la stabilité et de l'amour à leur enfants parce qu'ils ne l'on pas reçu eux même. Je connais des chrétiens nées de nouveau qui se sont sépare après des années dans une bonne église apostolique, dû au fait que leur cœur n'avait pas était soigné et ils étaient toujours émotionnellement blessé vingt ans après avoir rencontré Christ. Nous n'avions pas restaurer et soigner leur âmes, nous ne savions même pas qu'ils avaient un problème. 
Beaucoup d’églises se focalisent sur l'aspect spirituel mais néglige l'aspect de l’âme. J'aimerai vous suggérer que tous ce dont nous avons besoin de savoir c'est : comment va notre cœur? Dans nos mariages, j'aimerai vous suggérer que nos besoins sont importants et que nous devions nous soucier si nous répondons bien au besoins de notre partenaire? Si l'un des deux partenaires se sent pris pour acquis, inconnue, frustré, non heureux, donc je vous garanti que nos besoins personnels sont négligé .

J'aimerai vous suggérer que l’église qui paye attention et qui reconnaît les besoins non spirituel de ces membres, et aussi une église très saine pour répondre aux besoins spirituels. Comment les gens expérimentent les relations? Combien d'amis les gens ont? Est ce que les gens savent comment vous allez? Est ce que les gens sont heureux? Est ce qu'ils sont épanouie? Est ce que les mariages sont heureux et épanouies? Si vous êtes un pasteur, savez vous comment les gens se portent? Nous avons une tendance de penser que ces questions ne sont pas de l'ordre spirituelles, que les gens n'ont pas de besoins, ou bien que ceci sont d'importance mineure. Cependant je ne pense pas qu'il est nécessaire que le pasteur comble ces besoins, mais c'est leur responsabilité de créer une culture où ces besoins seront reconnues et pris en considération de façon saine.

Je sais qu'il y a un contre effet dangereux à cet argument – c'est que nous plaçions le développement personnel au dessus de toute autre chose, nous pourrions devenir alors, centré sur nous même, a vouloir poursuivre notre épanouissement personnel au lieu de poursuivre le Christ vivant. Je sais que des fois suivre christ engendre des sacrifices et dans ces temps il y a des besoins qui ne sont vraiment pas combles. Les besoins spirituels sont cependant les plus importants. Cependant il y a une ambivalence dans notre approche dans bien des églises qui n'est pas biblique, et c'est de cela dont je parle.  

Jean dit dans jean 3 :
« je prie que dans tout les aspects vous prospériez et soyez en bonne sante  comme votre âme prospère. » 

Si cela n'est pas un statut “spirituel” de la valeur d'avoir une âme saine , et bien je ne sais pas ce que c'est .

Donc comment est votre âme ?