mercredi 9 novembre 2016

Dream about Trump

On Tuesday the 8th I went to bed happy in the knowledge that Hilary Clinton was probably going to win the election and be the next US president. My preference would have been Hilary Clinton, for lots of reasons, and it seemed to be going her way. I had also seen the Nigerian prophet guy, TB Joshua say that he'd seen Hilary win the election, which was reassuring.

So I went to bed and turned off the Ipad, deciding not to look until the morning.

During the night I had a dream that I was some place and wondering what had happened in the election over night, when Donald Trump came into the room. So I asked him what had happened. He looked surprised and genuinely humbled by what had happened, and told me that he had won. I said "congratulations man" and shook his big firm hand. I told him that I had been going to pray for the other one if she got in, but since he had got in I would pray for him.

Then I asked him what he was going to do in the first 100 days he was in charge. He kind of shook his head as if to say that he wasn't sure, and mentioned some laws that as a non American I didn't really know too much about and he said "well, we need to give people back some freedoms".

Then he asked me for my email address to keep in touch and we exchanged emails before the dream ended.

So when I woke up I went down stairs to check who had won, expecting Hilary Clinton to have been confirmed as the winner, and saw the headline that Trump had won. That was weird. Then I saw his speech and I saw Trump looking quite touched and humbled in a way we hadn't seen before, and making conciliatory noises in his speech, which was just like he had been in the dream.

No-one really knows what he is going to do, and probably neither does he. But we need to pray for this guy, and that his time brings good things to the world, and not destructive. He is going to need help.

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